Astrobiologist Penny Boston, Ph.D. will speak at the Association of Mars
Explorers dinner on the subject of ‘Exploring Martian Caves’. Penny
Boston is a veteran of the Mars exploration community. As a founder of
the Mars Underground, she has had a long term interest in the
exploration of the surface of Mars. Her scientific interests have been
focused on subsurface life and the exploration of the caves of Earth as
analogs for extraterrestrial habitats for subsurface life.

The Association dinner will be held at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose,
California (170 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113) on MARCH 30,
2004. A bar will be available at 6:30pm. Dinner (three courses) will
start at 7:30pm. Guests of members welcome. The dinner is informal –
Dress casual/smart. Cost is $30 per person payable on the night. The
dinner is subsidized by the outgoing President.

TO BOOK : Send an email to with the expected number
or reply to this email with confirmation of attendance. Please inform
the club if this number changes. Please inform us of any dietary
requirements (vegetarian etc.)

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Dinner Talk by Penny Boston, Ph.D.
‘Exploring Martian Caves’
Brief hand over from the outgoing (Charles Cockell, Ph.D.) to the new
President – Andrew C. Schuerger, Ph.D.

The dinner will be held during the NASA Astrobiology Conference at the
NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, just five minutes drive from
Mountain View, providing an extra reason for attendees of the dinner to
visit the area. The web site of the conference is at:

Just one hour drive from San Francisco, San Jose is an ideal location to
visit the other attractions of Northern California, including the wine
growing regions of the Napa Valley, the Monterey Aquarium and the Golden
Gate Bridge. A good place to look at tourism possibilities is: