Konstanz, Germany, Washington, DC, Tokyo, Japan, 3 June 2022:  Panaxx Corporation (Panaxx) and DSG Global Consultants (DSG Global) announce the formation of a strategic business development partnership in defense, space, geo-intelligence, and optical communication technologies. The partnership focuses on business-to-business and business-to-government opportunities for clients in the US, Japan and allied nations. 
Panaxx brings to the partnership a long-established trade organization with the expertise and affiliations to address the defense, space and geospatial technology needs and requirements of the Asia Pacific customer. “DSG Global is excited to be working with Panaxx as we assist our collective clients in fielding their state-of-the-art defense, geo-intelligence and secure communication capabilities to our allies”, said Mr. David S. Germroth, Managing Director of DSG Global.
“We are proud and excited to be working with DSG Global in providing defense, space, GEOINT and optical communication products and services to Japan and our allies in the Pacific and globally”, commented Mr. Theodore M. Kato, CEO of Panaxx Corporation. “The technologies our partnership represents, a combination of new space and traditional technology from the US, Japan and Europe, not only address current critical needs for Japan’s security, but these capabilities also create opportunities to meet, more effectively, the concerns of the United States and broader allied community.”


About Panaxx Corporation (Panaxx): Panaxx was established and began trading operations in 1963. It is now one of the leading trading companies in Japan, utilizing a long-established global network and information resources. The company is engaging in domestic and international trading to include import / export services, information and secure communication technology, multiple geospatial phenomenology capabilities, defense and aerospace products, financing, realty, government relations and business investment in Japan and allied nation overseas.
About DSG Global Consultants (DSG Global): DSG Global is an international defense, space, and geointelligence consultancy established, specializing in global business-to-business, business-to-government, and government-to-government project development in and between the US, Europe, Japan, and Five Eyes nations. The company provides comprehensive services in international business development and government relations, specifically within the highly competitive international defense, space, secure communications, and geospatial-intelligence markets. 
For more information contact: 
Panaxx: Mr. Ogawa at ogawa@houi.jp
DSG Global: Ms. Gluck at team@global-dsg.com