Orbital Insight, the leader in geospatial intelligence, today announced the launch of Site Intelligence, which provides behavior analysis and uncovers patterns of life for site selection, competitor and customer intelligence at locations worldwide. Designed for complex analysis across sectors, Site Intelligence leverages machine learning to analyze human behavior and understand business activity at any area of interest. With Site Intelligence, companies gain near real-time visibility as well as access to trends over time that allow them to make informed business decisions, including forecasting, site development, acquisition due diligence, customer loyalty, migration patterns, and site performance. 

Orbital Insight’s Site Intelligence solution draws from multiple data sources—such as anonymized cell phone data, vehicle GPS data, satellite imagery, and demographics data—and applies Orbital Insight’s custom-built algorithms to connect the dots between human behavior and physical locations. These customizable insights arm analysts, data scientists, and executives with critical knowledge related to customer, competitor, and market trends. For example, Site Intelligence can help businesses build alternative forecasting models using location data as a critical component to their model, or identify optimal sites for development based on human behavior like visitation paths, dwell time, cross-shopping and revisits.

“The value proposition of location intelligence has never been stronger than right now,” said Kevin O’Brien, CEO of Orbital Insight. “As businesses around the globe continue to navigate unpredictable times, our new Site Intelligence solution gives them objective answers to the questions they’re asking about their business models, competition in the market, and trends shaping their industry. We’re ready and excited to help our customers uncover these insights so they can make better, more data-driven decisions.” 

Geolocation data is becoming increasingly more mainstream in usage and utility across all industries. Now 95% of executives in the retail, financial services, real estate, and tourism industries believe geospatial data is important in achieving desired business results today. Orbital Insight is already working alongside industry leaders such as RBC Capital Markets, Avison Young, and OPIS to help them utilize geolocation data algorithms to make better informed business decisions and strengthen client advising. 

Amidst rising gas price volatility, Dow Jones company OPIS has been using Orbital Insight to embed location data within its market share calculations. By geofencing every gas station in the US, OPIS developed a complete and unbiased view of gas station and convenience store traffic and market share to measure pricing effectiveness, price elasticity and market growth through geospatial intelligence.

“Orbital Insight has been a great partner to OPIS providing high quality location-based information supported by a top-notch data science and customer service team. Combining this intelligence with our internal data allows us to provide the convenience store industry with unprecedented insight into performance and customer behavior scorecards,” said Fred Rozell, President at OPIS.   

For real estate intelligence, Avison Young has leveraged Orbital Insight’s geolocation data to track foot traffic in office buildings across 20 cities, equipping building owners, tenants, and investors with real-time visibility into the return to the office. 

“Orbital Insight’s Site Intelligence powered by GO platform enables Avison Young to create enhanced data-driven approaches for site selection, property monitoring, and market intelligence. Leveraging the real-time indicators has been a game changer for achieving our client’s unique and rapidly transforming goals,” said Julian Adams, Principal, Data Science at Avison Young. 

Orbital Insight’s products go through a rigorous ethics process; to learn more about Orbital Insight’s framework please click the following link: ethics framework. The solution is now available in Orbital Insight’s GO platform for all customers.

To learn more about Orbital Insight and its products and services, visit www.orbitalinsight.com or contact insight@orbitalinsight.com.

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Orbital Insight is the geospatial software and analytics company that helps organizations understand what’s happening on and to the Earth. Customers including Unilever, Airbus, RBC Capital Markets, The World Bank, and the U.S. Department of Defense use Orbital Insight’s self-service analytics platform to make smarter business decisions, build sustainable supply chains, and improve national security. For more information, visit www.orbitalinsight.com.

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