Yesterday the UK government unveiled its National Space Strategy, which sets out long-term plans to strengthen the UK’s status as a world-class space nation. Please find below a statement from Orbex CEO Chris Larmour in response to this:


“Orbex welcomes the unveiling of the UK government’s first-ever National Space Strategy. We believe this industry has the ability to drive economic growth, productivity, innovation and job creation over the coming years.


Orbex is already working with the UK government and other partners towards meeting many of the Strategy’s objectives, in particular the No.1 goal around capture of the European small satellite launch market, as well as environmental sustainability and space technology innovation. We are working towards becoming the first country to launch into orbit from Europe in late 2022, helping to establish the UK as a leader in small satellite launches. 


Founded in 2016, Orbex is a privately-owned, UK-based company serving the launch needs of the small satellite industry. The company’s ‘Prime’ rocket is one of the world’s most advanced, low-carbon micro-launch vehicles. It will launch from the Space Hub Sutherland spaceport in Scotland, the only UK spaceport to receive planning permission. Orbex is working with its partners to place a new generation of small satellites into orbit, enabling services such as earth observation and internet connectivity.”