‘SAVETHEHUBBLE.ORG’ Urges Congress to Give NASA Additional Funding to Keep Hubble in the Sky

New York, NY – Last week NASA officially announced its plans to crash the Hubble Space Telescope into the Pacific Ocean in 2010 – even if it’s still working perfectly.

In response, Slooh.com, a groundbreaking live online astronomy service working to bring the wonders of the universe to the general public, has launched SaveTheHubble.org asking Congress to provide the additional funding necessary to keep Hubble in service.

“Hubble has done more to capture society’s imagination for space exploration than anything since we landed a man on the moon.” said Michael Paolucci, president of Slooh. “We’re going to spend 87 billion dollars to rebuild Iraq, but we can’t find less than 1% of that to keep one of the greatest scientific achievements of this generation flying in the sky?”

Slooh is proposing that in 2010 the Hubble telescope should continue to be used for scientific purposes, as well as for educational outreach. This could be accomplished by approving 2 shuttle servicing missions, the first in about 2005 and the second in about 2010 to rejuvenate Hubble’s technology and re-boost its decaying orbit.

I’d like to put you in touch with Michael Paolucci to discuss Slooh’s proposal further.

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Wendy R. Corn
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