TAMPA, FL – Following the launch of NASA’s Space X, Falcon 9 rocket into orbit, Obama for America-Florida released a statement celebrating the success of the SpaceX program and the future NASA has under President Obama.

“Tonight’s launch of the Space X, Falcon 9 rocket and the autonomous Dragon spacecraft marks another extraordinary new milestone in space, further demonstrating the advances we have seen in just four short years on Florida’s Space Coast. This launch is the first in 12 contracted flights to resupply the International Space Station, making it the second trip by American company Space X, to the space station following its successful mission in May of this year. Over 1,000 pounds of supplies will help the station’s crew push forward to new innovations not heard of yet to the human race. This success achieves another extraordinary milestone and furthers opportunities to advance the space program for the next four years and beyond.

“When President Obama came into office, he inherited a program in crisis from an administration that promised the retirement of the Space Shuttle that had become the long standing symbol for exploration and scientific innovation. President Obama knew the United States could do better, and made bold steps by taking immediate action to put NASA on a path for a sustainable future, one that is critical for Florida’s Space Coast and essential for continued U.S. leadership in space. Now, because of President Obama’s efforts, the International Space Station has an extended life, there is growth in the country’s commercial space industry, and a promise to continue a commitment of human exploration, science, and other aeronautic programs.

“The future of NASA and scientific innovation is on a brighter path because of President Obama and his commitment to moving America forward, and like the space program, the President continues his promise to fight for hard-working, everyday Americans who want that fair shot to achieve their goals and reach their own version of the American Dream.”