Pure Capital Solutions’ (OTC: PCST) wholly owned subsidiary Nova Space is proud to announce a partnership with Logical Innovations, Inc. creating a market leading team of subject matter experts to tackle the workforce challenges of the space industry.

The space economy continues to grow at a historic rate, on pace to become a $1T industry by 2040. This growth requires a pipeline of human talent across all disciplines and space sectors. Current training and education models are not keeping up with the talent demand necessary to sustain the expected growth of the industry.

Nova Space and Logical Innovations will focus on identifying and addressing industry skills gaps with focused training and education beyond the award-winning learning content that Nova Space has developed to date.

Nova Space digital courses are designed to help current and prospective space professionals become more productive while helping provide their employers a competitive advantage in the space ecosystem. Nova Space currently supports employers in both the commercial and government space industry, within all sectors, to include launch, satellites, manufacturing, industrials, and government agencies.

This partnership will leverage existing relationships with NASA, industry, and academic institutions to develop and expand space training and education solutions to fill the technician workforce talent gap, which is a recurring challenge for NASA and space companies alike. The partnership will also address the need of training solutions in pre-collegiate institutions to further invigorate STEAM skills for K-12 students, by contextualizing career opportunities in the space economy.

ABOUT NOVA SPACE INC: Nova Space is already well known for its signature space professional-development programs, designed to support the growth of space industry professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders, commercial companies, and governmental organizations. The founders of the company have more than five decades of combined experience in space operations, astronautics, and custom learning development in both commercial and government settings. To learn more, visit novaspaceinc.com.


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Logical Innovations is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with operations across the country. Founded by President/CEO Denise Navarro, whose career began supporting NASA as a contractor in 1984, Logical Innovations specializes in training/education, financial and acquisition services, event/exhibits management, strategic communications, outreach, administrative services, and logistical support, and has provided services for the federal government since 2006.