U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing
Conference will commence on December 1 & 2, 2003 at the Westin Grand Hotel,
Washington, D.C. Headlining presentations from Space Imaging, Orbimage,
Digital Globe, National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), White House Office
of Science and Technology and a panel of leading federal agency
representatives will be part of the event. The conference is designed to
provoke significant discussion amongst industry leaders regarding the dynamic
state of commercial remote sensing in the United States.

On further note, Space Imaging received a NIMA ClearView contract award of
$120 million earlier this year, and is in line for NIMA’s second NextView
award. NIMA’s NextView program assures access to high resolution & quality
satellite imagery from next generation commercial imaging satellites. With
revenues over $200 million in 2003, Space Imaging is poised to begin
construction of a next generation satellites upon expected award. In 2004,
the company plans to aggressively pursue other markets within the federal
government homeland security, department of interior and other agencies that
will find value in geospatial services & products. This all supports the new
presidential policy on commercial remote sensing released and approved on
May 13, 2003.

Sponsors and exhibitors of this event include: Digital Globe, Space
Imaging, National Reconnaissance Office, ASPRS, ISPRS, and the Association of
American Geographers.

A Special Thanks to EOM

Earth Observation Magazine (EOM) serves as the official conference
publication. Published by GITC America, Inc. and in print since 1992, EOM
reveals the techniques and benefits of remote sensing technologies for
practitioners in government, natural resources, and commercial enterprises.
EOM provides timely coverage of developments in satellite imagery, aerial
photography, digital topographic datasets and mapping applications, GIS, and

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