“Spinoff 2003” is the latest edition of an annual NASA publication
showcasing the wide range of technologies and innovations flowing from the
nation’s space program and benefiting people’s everyday lives. For example,
featured in this year’s issue are innovations such as the cochlear implant,
from the fields of health and medicine; a cockpit weather system in
transportation; and a smoke mask benefiting public safety. The 143-page
publication includes eight technologies connected with the Marshall Space
Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. “Spinoff 2003” also contains a special
14-page section commemorating the 100th anniversary of powered flight, and
focuses on contributions made by NASA to manned spaceflight.

Members of the news media who would like a printed copy of “Spinoff 2003”
may contact Jerry Berg of Marshall’s Media Relations Department at (256)
544-0034 or by e-mail at jerry.berg@msfc.nasa.gov.

This year’s edition of Spinoff, as well as those from previous years, will
also be available on the website:


For supporting materials- such as photographs, fact sheets, video and audio
files and more – please visit the NASA Marshall Center Newsroom Web site at: