An overnight event Sept. 10 will offer kids – and adults – a look at the wonders of outer space.

Space Night, presented by the Planetary Science Institute and Children’s Museum Tucson, will offer activities relating to the Solar System while spending the night at the Museum.

“We are thrilled to co-host this event bringing the excitement of space through play to families the Children’s Museum Tucson,” said Sanlyn Buxner, PSI Education Specialist and Research Scientist.

Activities will include meeting PSI planetary scientists, hearing about latest NASA missions in the Solar System, searching the sky with telescopes and binoculars, touching real meteorites (rocks from space), making impact craters, learning about volcanoes in the Solar system, and making comets.

“Children’s Museum Tucson is thrilled to partner with Planetary Science Institute for our first ever overnight experience at the Museum. Families will have the chance to pitch a tent in the Museum, learn about the night sky from science experts, and do a bunch of cool experiments,” said Hilary Van Alsburg, director of Philanthropy and Learning for Children’s Museum Tucson. “With science, stars, s’mores, space activities and a sleepover, this is sure to be spectacular.”

The event begins at 6 pm Saturday, Sept. 10, and runs until 9 am Sunday, Sept. 11. There will be a pizza party dinner and breakfast.

The event is open to children ages 4 to 12 and one adult must be present for every four children.

Participants are asked to bring a sleeping bag, toothbrush and pajamas.

The cost is $50 per person or $45 per person for Children’s Museum Tucson members. Visit to register. For information on Space Night call Teresa Truelsen, CMT Director of Marketing at 520-547-0033.

Sanlyn Buxner
Education Specialist and Research Scientist

Mark V. Sykes