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Engineers in the National Geographic Society Exploration Technology Lab

Iridium Communications Inc. (Iridium) (Nasdaq: IRDM) and the National Geographic Society today announced a new philanthropic program in support of National Geographic Explorers (Explorers), based on the shared belief that in order to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world, Explorers need the ability to communicate and transmit data globally.

As part of this program, the National Geographic Society Exploration Technology Lab (Exploration Technology Lab) is now a specially recognized, value-added developer of Iridium Connected® devices. Focused on deploying breakthrough systems and hardware to accelerate the exploration and understanding of our natural and cultural heritage, the Exploration Technology Lab can now work directly with Iridium to develop solutions supporting personal satellite communications to support Explorer-led work.

Iridium has also provided satellite phones, Iridium GO!® devices, Iridium Certus® weather-resilient broadband terminals and associated services for Explorers to use in the field. This enables Explorers to maintain connectivity throughout their field-based research and storytelling and helps them communicate from any remote location around the world.

“From the depths of the ocean to tropical rainforests, to the Arctic tundra to subterranean caves, National Geographic Explorers are on the frontlines of research and conservation of some of the world’s most precious ecosystems. Cutting edge technology is redefining what is possible in exploration, and we are committed to equipping our scientists, educators and storytellers with tools that will help accelerate their impact. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Iridium to support National Geographic Explorers in illuminating and protecting the wonder of our world,” said Alex Moen, Chief Explorer Engagement Officer, National Geographic Society.

National Geographic Explorers perform critical research and undertake vital conservation projects all over the world. By working together, Iridium and the National Geographic Society will equip these scientists, storytellers, and adventurers with weather-resilient, custom-designed, or commercially available communications devices to keep them safe, connected, and productive.

“With shared-beliefs and a like-minded vision of how to help protect and tell the story of the wonders of our world, we are proud to support the very important work done by the National Geographic Society and its Explorers,” said Iridium CEO, Matt Desch. “We look forward to seeing the innovative applications of Iridium® connectivity integrated into the Exploration Technology Lab’s latest creations and supporting their engineers with our own expertise.”

Iridium remains the only satellite network offering truly global, weather-resilient coverage making it possible to stay safe and connected even in challenging terrain or environmental conditions. The company continues to innovate, making it easier for anyone to communicate beyond terrestrial coverage with lightweight, handheld, and low-powered devices that can fit in your pocket. This includes satellite messengers, smartphone companion devices, and text messaging and SOS services that will be directly integrated into smartphones.

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