CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Media are invited to witness an important
milestone for the upcoming Space Shuttle Atlantis mission, designated
STS-117. On Wednesday, Feb. 7, Atlantis is scheduled to move from the
Orbiter Processing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to the
Vehicle Assembly Building. Once there, crews will attach Atlantis to
its external fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters.

The first motion of the shuttle aboard the crawler-transporter is
expected at 6 a.m. EST. Media must arrive at Kennedy’s News Center by
5:15 a.m. to attend the event.

Atlantis’ targeted launch window opens March 15. During its 11-day
mission to the International Space Station, the STS-117 crew of six
astronauts will deliver a fourth segment for the station’s backbone.
They also will unfurl new solar arrays and fold up an old set of
arrays during the 21st shuttle mission to the station.

Permanently badged media should contact Kennedy’s News Center at
321-867-2468 by Feb. 6 to attend. Event dates and times are subject
to change. Schedule updates are available by calling 321-867-2525.
Media without Kennedy credentials must pick up badges by 4 p.m. on
Feb. 6, after submitting badge requests via the accreditation Web

Video of the rollover will air on NASA TV’s Video File. For NASA TV
downlink, streaming video and scheduling information, visit:

For information about the STS-117 mission and its crew, visit: