The next space shuttle crew will take news media questions at 8 a.m. EST, Friday at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla. To attend, media must contact Kennedy’s Press Site at (321) 867-2468 by 4 p.m. EST, Thursday. Media without Kennedy credentials may request them on the Web at:

Six members of Space Shuttle Discovery’s upcoming flight (STS-121) will be at Kennedy for a crew equipment interface test. The astronauts will take an up-close look at the shuttle, inspect hardware and mission payloads. STS-121, targeted for launch no earlier than May, will fly to the International Space Station to evaluate flight safety procedures, including shuttle inspection and repair techniques.

STS-121 crew: Commander Steve Lindsey; Pilot Mark Kelly; Mission Specialists Mike Fossum, Lisa Nowak, Stephanie Wilson, Piers Sellers and Thomas Reiter. Reiter, from the European Space Agency, will not attend the interface test or media availability.

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