NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, was honored Sept. 30 with the FY2019 Small Business Administrator’s Cup — an agency award for managing the most effective small business program. The presentation was made during the 14th Annual MSFC Industry & Advocates Award ceremony, held virtually. It is the sixth time since the award was established in 2008 that Marshall has earned the prize – the most wins of any center at the agency.

The award annually recognizes the NASA Center with the best innovative practices that promote small business participation in a variety of NASA initiatives, and recognizes significant contributions to the agency’s small business programs by the winning center’s senior management, procurement office and program and technical personnel.

“Marshall and their small business team continue to be a model for successful relationships with our business community,” said Glenn Delgado, Associate Administrator of NASA’s Office of Small Business Programs at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Whether supporting our Artemis program returning humans to the Moon or improving lives here on Earth, we are stronger when we work together, and Marshall has developed a diverse and solid community of collaboration.”

NASA’s Office of Small Business Programs sponsors the award, which Marshall has previously won for its work in fiscal years 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015. Delgado joined NASA Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk to present the latest award to Marshall Center Director Jody Singer.

“The strength of Marshall Space Flight Center has always depended on the strength of its partnerships, including those with small businesses,” said Singer. “Together, we can ensure America’s continued leadership in human space exploration. I feel pride in being a part of history, and I know teamwork has made it possible.”

Marshall small business specialist David Brock said that connection and community are even more imperative this year, when global issues pose unprecedented challenges. “Now more than ever, the importance of communication and collaboration are apparent,” he said. “As we face the unique challenges this year has thrown at us, we can rely on the strength and support of our center and partners to keep us working toward our exploration and mission goals.”

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