Based on completing the work as currently scheduled, launch managers
continue to plan toward Saturday, June 28 as the launch date for MER-B with
the “Opportunity” Mars Exploration Rover. The launch time is 11:56:16 p.m.
EDT with a second time available at 12:37:59 a.m. EDT on June 29.

NASA and Boeing engineers met today to assess the progress of the cork
insulation rework on the Delta first stage for MER-B. The effort is
proceeding on schedule to remove and replace the lower band of cork.
Inspections on the upper band are under way, and it has not been decided
what work, if any, will be required.

Pending a successful schedule assessment by NASA and Boeing managers on
Tuesday afternoon, a revised Note to Editors will then be issued with
updated plans for news media activities and the launch coverage on NASA
Television. The prelaunch press conference will not be held on Tuesday,
June 24. It is being rescheduled so that it may continue to be held on L-1
day, Friday, June 27 at 1 p.m.