NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland will host an industry day on Aug. 17 to share information about a Draft Request for Proposal for the Space Launch System’s (SLS) Universal Stage Adapter (USA). Media are invited to attend a press conference and ask questions at 1 p.m.

Speakers will include:

Janet Kavandi, center director, Glenn
Stephen Creech, acting director, Spacecraft and Payload Integration and Evolution Office, NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center
Bryan Smith, director, Space Flight Systems, Glenn
Kathy Schubert, deputy director, Safety and Mission Assurance, Glenn
Joe Roche, sub-element manager for USA, Glenn

Glenn is leading the design and development of the USA on behalf of the Space Launch System Program for the agency. The adapter will connect the Orion spacecraft to the Space Launch System Exploration Upper Stage when it launches astronauts on Exploration Mission-2 in 2021 and future human exploration missions. Because it is capable of housing co-manifested payloads, the adapter’s design incorporates thermal protection systems, purge systems, an acoustic attenuation system and a separation system.

The USA represents an exciting new partnership between Glenn and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, which leads SLS design and development for NASA. The world’s most powerful rocket, SLS will power the agency’s astronauts on the journey to Mars.

Journalists interested in attending should contact Jan Wittry at 216-433-5466 or no later than noon Eastern on Aug. 16. All media representatives must present a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, to enter Glenn.

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