A new product using a NASA-based technology might make winter just a little easier to endure for those living in parts of the U.S. where snow and ice are common.

Ice Free is a spray for automobile windshields that can provide protection up to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, according to its producers, WorldSource Inc. Applied prior to inclement weather, it prevents ice or snow from bonding on windshield surfaces.

“As we continue to explore the universe, we are proud that NASA’s pioneering efforts keep fueling American creativity, innovation and technology development,” said David Morse, acting chief, Technology Partnerships Division at NASA Ames Research Center, located in California’s Silicon Valley. “This new product is yet another example of the additional dividends Americans reap from their investment in space exploration.”

The technology that led to the creation of Ice Free is based on an anti-icing fluid developed by a three-engineer team at NASA Ames. The team designed a non-toxic fluid to keep ice from building up on airplanes. At the time, the anti-icing fluid was hailed for making flying safer, without introducing dangerous chemicals into the environment.

In fact, the fluid was biodegradable and so environmentally safe that it was referred to as “food grade,” because the ingredients used in its creation were approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in food.

When the invention was announced in 1997 by co-inventors Leonard Haslim, John Zuk and Robert Lockyer of NASA Ames, the fluid was said to be able to prevent ice build-up on airplane wings and also on automobile windshields, a feature retained in the new product.

“A commuter is much more likely to start his drive without having to spend the time scraping ice and snow off the car windows. We feel it is a great product, and we thank NASA for the opportunity to market Ice Free,” said Brian Jue, chief executive officer, WorldSource Inc., which is currently marketing Ice Free on the Internet and in television advertisements.

“I often heard how advancements due to NASA research and development help mankind enormously and, if you live in an icy part of the U.S., this is further proof of the accuracy of that statement,” said Bob Harrick, president of WorldSource. “NASA technology played a key role in the development of this very useful product.”

WorldSource is a developer and distributor of products for the consumer marketplace. It has established an experienced management team with considerable expertise in the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of consumer products.

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