Noran Engineering, Inc., a global developer of engineering analysis and simulation software, announced that NASA Tech Briefs magazine selected its finite element analysis (FEA) software, NEi Nastran, as a finalist for its “Product of the Year” award. The annual competition sponsored by the publication highlights technology products that its readers chose over the past year as having notable technical merit. The publication will continue its voting until January 19, 2007 at the website Information on the product can be at viewed at

Noran Engineering’s NEi Nastran V9 Analysis and Simulation software was selected by NASA Tech Briefs magazine as a finalist for its ‘Product of the Year’ award. The software is used by engineers to virtually test parts and structures in their computers under simulated conditions of stress, thermal, vibration, impact, and other factors.

Dave Weinberg, CEO of Noran Engineering, reflected on the support for the product, “I am gratified by the genuine enthusiasm and goodwill our customers have shown for NEi Nastran. I see this continuously reflected in the testimonials we receive on our website. I believe this is because we have been able to forge a true sense of partnership with our customers based on incorporating their ideas and suggestions so we can put the best FEA tool in the world in their hands.”

NEi Nastran is used by a wide range of company sizes from small consulting firms to members of the Fortune 500. The market sectors are also expansive and include high profile products ranging from the highly competitive sports world — America’s Cup yachts, Formula 1 racing, the Tour de France, to innovative aerospace programs, next generation defense projects, and high reliability medical devices.

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Noran Engineering, Inc. (NEi) is a world leader in developing Nastran engineering analysis and simulation software for structural, thermal, dynamic, fluid flow, fatigue, composites, and optimization and is used by innovative companies worldwide in aerospace, automotive, maritime, petrochemical, military, medical, consumer, and sports products.

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