NASA is bringing the excitement of human space flight to the Kennedy
Space Center Visitor Complex, offering an exciting new interactive
exhibit that puts visitors “inside” the International Space Station
— the world’s only orbiting laboratory. Through March 31, visitors
will board “Space Station Imagination” to catch a glimpse of how
astronauts live and work in space.

The Vision for Space Exploration includes returning the Space Shuttle
safely to flight, completing the International Space Station,
developing and testing a new exploration vehicle, and embarking on
extended human missions to the Moon. NASA will return to the Moon as
a first step to preparing for further exploration in the Solar System
and demonstrating our ability to live and work on another world.

“Space Station Imagination” is comprised of two 48-foot trailers
linked to form two modules of the Space Station: the Habitation
Module, or living quarters, where the astronauts sleep, eat and tend
to personal hygiene, and the Laboratory Module where multiple
microgravity experiments are performed. Visitors can see examples of
features of the habitation and laboratory modules.

The Station is a critical steppingstone for the Vision for Space
Exploration. NASA’s research efforts on orbit focus on the effects of
microgravity on the human body. This will help us learn how to
prepare astronauts and spacecraft for long-duration missions to the
Moon, Mars and beyond.

Animatronics “astronaut” Dr. Emily greets visitors as she awakens to
start her day onboard this international orbiting laboratory.
Displays show how a space toilet and shower work like vacuum cleaners
with very little gravity, as well as how astronauts eat and sleep
aboard the Station. A centrifuge displays how scientists might study
the effects of varying levels of gravity on plants, animals and

Using actual footage from the Station, three short video presentations
entertain and inform viewers with the story of human space
exploration and the International Space Station program. The complete
tour of the exhibit takes about 20 minutes.

The exhibit is accessible to people with disabilities. Tours of the
exhibit are included with admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor

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