News media are invited to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., during
the next two weeks to participate in two of the most important
milestones for Return to Flight of the Space Shuttle fleet.

Currently scheduled for Monday, March 28, orbiter Discovery, which is
housed in its hangar, the Orbiter Processing Facility, will be moved
to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), to be attached to its
redesigned External Tank and twin Solid Rocket Boosters.

A week later on Monday, April 4, Discovery will begin its eight hour
journey to the launch pad.

Launch of Discovery for its Return to Flight mission, designated
STS-114, is targeted for May 15 with a launch window that extends to
June 3. During its 12-day mission to the International Space Station,
Discovery’s seven person crew will test new hardware and techniques
to improve Shuttle safety, as well as deliver supplies to the


(For media arrival times call 321/867-2525 for updates)

Discovery rolls from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the Vehicle
Assembly Building

Media tour of VAB and opportunity to speak to senior management

  • Bill Parson, Space Shuttle Program manager
  • Wayne Hale, deputy Space Shuttle Program manager
  • Denny Kross, deputy Space Shuttle Program manager
  • Mike Wetmore, director of Shuttle Processing
  • Mike Leinbach, NASA launch director
  • Stephanie Stilson, Discovery vehicle manager


(For media arrival times call 321/867-2525 for updates)

Discovery moves to Launch Pad 39B
(Live NASA Television coverage for 30 minutes, beginning at first

Press Conference with NASA Senior Managers

  • William Readdy, associate administrator for Space Operations
  • Bill Parsons, Space Shuttle Program manager
  • Mike Wetmore, director of Shuttle Processing

Photo Opportunity of Discovery at launch pad

Permanently badged media interested in attending this event are
requested to contact the KSC Press Site (321/867-2468) by close of
business Friday, March 25.

Media at KSC will be allowed to ask questions at the International
Space Station news conferences that at being held at NASA’s Johnson
Space Center on the afternoon of April 4.

Media without KSC credentials should submit their separate
accreditation requests for each event via the new online
accreditation Web site at:

Since the events are being held in operational facilities that deal in
hazardous materials, all who enter the facilities must be properly
dressed in long pants and closed shoes with low heels. Sleeveless
shirts are not allowed.

Since dates and times of events are subject to change, updates are
available by calling (321)867-2525.

For the latest information on NASA’s Return to Flight efforts on the
Internet, visit: