NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has released an announcement for proposals (AFP) for private companies interested in using its Vehicle Assembly Building, High Bay 2 (VAB HB2) for assembly, integration and testing of launch vehicles. 

In addition to VAB HB2, the center has three Mobile Launcher Platforms (MLPs) available for reuse in commercial space operations. This announcement supports Kennedy’s transformation to a multi-user spaceport that effectively utilizes assets identified in the center’s 20-year Master Plan. 

“Making unique capabilities like the VAB available to commercial companies is yet another step in our evolution to a diverse spaceport that supports government and commercial partners,” said Scott Colloredo, director of Center Planning and Development at Kennedy. “The Space Launch System relies on the VAB for assembly and integration, but High Bay 2 will be available in 2016 for commercial users, and we want to fully explore who might have a need for a massive integration facility at Launch Complex 39.”

The VAB is a unique facility capable of stacking rockets as high as 450 feet tall using its 325-ton cranes. The facility is in close proximity to heavy lift launch pads located along the Eastern Range and has connectivity to Kennedy’s integration, checkout and launch infrastructure. High Bay 2 is located on the west side of the facility. 

Kennedy has transformed from a government-focused launch base to a multi-user spaceport that can accommodate different vehicles, systems and commercial launch providers, and continues to evolve to support changing markets. Kennedy features a host of launch and processing facilities, a one-of-a-kind runway and laboratories suited to multiple needs. The center is well-equipped to support the full spectrum of needs for space launch service companies 

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