NASA launched the 2003 Summer High School Apprenticeship
Research Program (SHARP) after competitively selecting 340
students representing nearly every state, Puerto Rico, and
St. Croix.

In June, NASA SHARP participants, chosen from a pool of more
than 2,400 applicants, became apprentices to scientists and
engineers at agency centers and universities around the

NASA SHARP, which began in October 2002, is a research-based
program focusing on the agency’s mission, facilities, human
resources and programs. The program advances NASA’s goal to
involve under represented students in academic, workplace and
social experiences and research opportunities to support the
educational excellence of the nation.

NASA SHARP is the unified version of the former SHARP, a
commuting program conducted at most agency field centers, and
SHARP PLUS, a residential program conducted at host

“NASA strives to use its unique resources to heighten
awareness of the world of mathematics and science for
students with limited opportunities,” said Deborah Glasco,
NASA’s elementary and secondary education program manager.
“Programs such as this improve our nation’s scientific
literacy and provide motivation for potential future
scientists and engineers,” she said.

Modern Technology Systems Inc. administers NASA SHARP with
support from the Center for Educational Technologies.

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