NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida is seeking industry comments on a draft announcement for proposals (AFP) for potential future land use at the multi-user spaceport.  Kennedy’s transformation to a multi-user spaceport is based on effectively utilizing land assets identified in the center’s 20-year Master Plan. 

The purpose of the announcement is to provide advance notice of an upcoming opportunity for launch service companies interested in developing commercial vertical launch sites at the center. The comments will be taken into consideration prior to the release of the final announcement for proposals scheduled to be issued later this year. After the release of the final announcement the center will begin accepting formal proposals for developing land at Kennedy for launch and related uses by private companies.

“We designed the master plan with commercial needs and potential uses in mind. What we want to do now is bring in industry that can apply their own creativity and innovation for their business using our unique location and capabilities,” said Scott Colloredo, Director of Kennedy’s Center Planning and Development. “It’s a win-win situation for companies that want to provide space launch services and for the American taxpayers who get to see their space-related assets used in the most effective manner possible.”

In addition to the primary land use for vertical launch capabilities, the final announcement will allow industry to propose other ancillary uses for areas at Kennedy as outlined in the Master Plan.

The center has been transforming for the past several years from a government-focused launch base to a multi-user spaceport that can accommodate different vehicles, systems and commercial launch providers. Kennedy features a host of launch and processing facilities, a one-of-a-kind runway and laboratories suited to multiple needs. The center is well-equipped to support the full spectrum of needs for space launch service companies.

NASA welcomes comments and questions on all sections of the Draft AFP and particularly is interested in receiving comments on the following:

Instructions to proposers and evaluation factors

Page limitations

Interest in a site visit and industry briefing

Proposal due date-currently 45 days after announcement for proposal release

Terms and conditions for a land use agreement 

The official announcement and additional details concerning criteria and requirements can be found at:

Kennedy’s Master Plan is available at:

For information on additional partnership opportunities at Kennedy, visit: