“NASA’s Implementation Plan for International Space Station Continuing Flight” will be released on Thursday, March 17. The release will be followed by an afternoon media teleconference.

The completed plan reflects NASA’s commitment to addressing the recommendations and observations of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board for the International Space Station (ISS) Program. The plan will be posted on the Internet by 9 a.m. EST, Thursday at:


The teleconference is at 3 p.m. EST, Thursday. Participants:

– Bill Gerstenmaier, International Space Station Program Manager

– Mike Fincke, Expedition 9 astronaut (Fincke will be available to discuss aspects of the plan that took place during his six month stay on the Station in 2004)

Reporters interested in participating in the teleconference should call Melissa Mathews or Erica Hupp (202/358-1272/1237) by noon EST, Thursday. The teleconference will be audio streamed live on the Internet at:


For information about ISS crews and missions on the Internet, visit: