NASA has received an unmodified audit opinion on its Fiscal Year 2015 (FY 2015) financial statements, marking the fifth consecutive year of “clean” opinions. The agency has released its FY 2015 Agency Financial Report (AFR), which provides details on its financial results and performance highlights.

The auditor’s unmodified opinion is that NASA’s financial statements fairly present the agency’s financial position and results of operations. An unmodified opinion is the highest audit opinion that may be received from an external auditor.

“Fiscal Year 2015 marks the fifth year in a row NASA has received a “clean” audit opinion,” said NASA Chief Financial Officer David Radzanowski. “This reflects the agency’s strong commitment to excellence in financial management and to effective stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”

The AFR highlights NASA’s progress toward meeting its strategic goals, including major milestones in the development of new systems for the human exploration of deep space. FY 2015 saw the first flight test of NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which is designed to take humans on deep space missions, including to an asteroid and on the journey to Mars. This year NASA also accomplished major milestones in the development of the new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, including the first qualification booster test.

FY 2015 also was highlighted by breakthroughs in science, aeronautics, and technology development that advanced the nation’s technical capabilities and expanded our knowledge of the universe. NASA’s robotic explorers continued to astound in FY 2015, including the New Horizons mission’s historic first-ever flyby of Pluto, and the Dawn mission’s exploration of the dwarf planet Ceres. NASA also continued vital research and technology development activities on the International Space Station.

NASA produces an Annual Performance Report (APR) that will include more details on these important accomplishments. The APR will be released in early 2016 concurrently with the president’s budget request for FY 2017.

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