WASHINGTON – NASA was honored Thursday for achievement in successfully conducting a broad range of technology transfer activities. The International Marketplace and Conference for Technology Transfer (IPTEC), St. Albans, England, presented the award to NASA during its conference in Cannes, France. NASA’s Director of the Innovative Partnerships Program Doug Comstock accepted the award on behalf of the agency.

“When we collectively engage in space exploration, we invest not only in the successful navigation of the unknown but also the innovations that improve our very quality of daily life,” said NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale. “We congratulate our program’s accomplishments of contributing to the high quality technology transfers that benefit exploration while complimenting American industry’s ability to provide benefits for our entire society.”

During its annual conference, IPTEC presents three awards, one each to the public, private and academic sectors. IPTEC’s advisory board, comprised of representatives from corporations such as General Electric, Microsoft and Ericsson, recommended the recipients of the awards. At the IPTEC conference, many of the world’s leading experts in technology transfer discuss the latest corporate and government technology transfer strategies and learn about successful licensing programs and practices.

“This is an important recognition for NASA because we take seriously the transfer of technology from our unique space and aeronautics missions into productive societal use,” said Comstock.

Recent examples of NASA’s innovative practices in technology transfer include a water filtration system that provides safe, affordable drinking water throughout the world and advancement in aviation that provides pilots with a synthetic vision system to improve flight safety. To learn more about the Innovative Partnerships Program, visit: http://www.ipp.nasa.gov

To learn more about NASA and agency programs, visit: http://www.nasa.gov