For the 11th straight year, NASA has received an unmodified, or “clean,” opinion from an external auditor on its fiscal year 2021 financial statements.

The rating is the best possible audit opinion, certifying that NASA’s financial statements conform with accepted accounting principles for federal agencies and accurately present the agency’s financial position.

“NASA is committed to delivering credible, quality financial data and important information regarding the Agency’s fiscal operations,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “Under the leadership of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, for 11 straight years, NASA has received an unmodified ‘clean’ opinion on its financial statements, with no reported material weaknesses, signifying our internal controls are operating effectively to provide assurance of complete and reliable financial data.”

NASA’s FY21 Agency Financial Report (AFR) provides an accounting of the agency’s mission and performance against its strategic goals. The report also outlines progress over the past year, including the launch and landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars, its collection of Martian soil, and the successful flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter over the Red Planet. It also outlines the steady progress of the Artemis program as it works to send Americans to the Moon and beyond.

“NASA is undertaking a number of highly important and complex missions, with goals designed to create educational opportunities, combat climate change, catalyze technological innovation and new realms of commerce, and venture out farther into the cosmos than ever before,” said NASA Chief Financial Officer Margaret Vo Schaus. “These goals are pursued with determination and dedication across the Centers, directorates, and divisions, ensuring reliable stewardship of the taxpayer’s investment.”

Nelson and Schaus noted that NASA maintained a high level of performance during a year of challenges that included the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I could not be prouder of our team and how we have adapted to these unforeseen challenges,” Nelson said. “From the thousands of NASA employees working from their kitchen tables, dens, and bedrooms, to the mission-critical employees finding new and safe ways to work and collaborate onsite, our teams have done a fantastic job of keeping each other safe while also keeping the mission moving forward.”

The agency produces its AFR as well as its Annual Performance Report (APR). NASA provides its APR as part of its annual Volume of Integrated Performance (VIPer). The VIPer is a consolidated document reporting prior year performance with an updated performance plan for the current fiscal year, and a proposed performance plan for the upcoming fiscal year. The VIPer is published in conjunction with the President’s Budget Request.

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