NASA has received an unmodified audit opinion on its Fiscal Year 2020 financial statements, marking the 10th consecutive “clean” opinion from an external auditor – the highest opinion that may be received.

The auditor’s unmodified opinion is that NASA’s financial statements fairly present the agency’s financial position and results of operations.

“Our prudent management of taxpayer resources, and the firm financial footing that this report confirms, enables us to achieve incredible things on behalf of the nation and is moving us forward to the Moon and on to Mars,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

NASA’s FY20 Agency Financial Report (AFR) highlights the agency’s progress toward meeting its strategic goals, including milestones in the Commercial Crew Program and the agency’s return to the Moon through the Artemis program, as well as significant achievements in Earth science, technology development, aeronautics research, and deep space exploration. The agency’s budget also helps strengthen the nation’s economy, as the agency unlocks new opportunities, new technologies and new sources of prosperity.

“Faced with the challenge to close out the fiscal year in unprecedented times while operating in a remote capacity, the resilience and commitment each employee demonstrated was instrumental in making this year a success that far exceeded all expectations. I am incredibly proud to be among such dedicated and forward-thinking professionals,” said Acting Chief Financial Officer Stephen Shinn.

The agency produces an AFR and Annual Performance Report (APR). The APR is provided as part of NASA’s annual Volume of Integrated Performance (VIPer). The VIPer is a consolidated document reporting prior year performance with an updated performance plan for the current fiscal year, and a proposed performance plan for the requested budget fiscal year, 2022. The VIPer is published in conjunction with the President’s Budget Request, due in February 2021.

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