WASHINGTON — NASA has presented its Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition, or QASAR, award for 2008 to Steven M. Davis of Titusville, Fla.

Davis, an employee of the Defense Contract Management Agency at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, received the award for his attention to detail in an incident involving a space shuttle solid rocket booster. He was recognized along with three other recipients Feb. 25 at NASA’s sixth annual Project Management Challenge in Daytona Beach, Fla.

The QASAR award recognizes individual government and contractor employees who have demonstrated exemplary performance in contributing to the quality and/or safety of products, services, processes, or management programs and activities.

“This is a great honor and I feel extremely privileged to be given this award. Winning this award is not about me. It took a lot of people everywhere to make this happen,” said Davis, a native of Russell’s Point, Ohio.

According to his award citation, Davis discovered that a quality assurance representative mistakenly waived a mandatory proof pressure test on a solid rocket booster gas generator, after contractor personnel had overlooked the inspection.

Davis then worked closely with NASA and contractor safety and mission assurance specialists to document the missed inspection for space shuttle program review and ensure that the gas generator was examined properly.

The graduate of Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Ky., also briefed the solid rocket booster contractors on the importance of mandatory inspections and prohibitions against waivers.

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