NASA and JumpStart Solutions are working together to bring software developed for use in the nation’s space program directly to consumers and commercial markets.

Through a recently signed agreement, JumpStart Solutions, Cave Creek, Ariz., will license NASA’s Program Management Tool (PMT), Query Based Document Composition (QBDC), and NETMARK software. The Program Management Tool is a comprehensive, Web-enabled, business application tool. It is designed to monitor, disseminate and track the progress of research and development programs and to project milestones. The tool operates in conjunction with QBDC and NETMARK.

NETMARK is an information-on-demand framework that manages, stores and retrieves unstructured and/or semi-structured documents. QBDC is a tool that enables content or context searches, either simple or hierarchical, across a variety of databases. NETMARK is a revolutionary concept in information management. Along with PMT and QBDC, NETMARK was invented and developed at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.

“Using NASA’s PMT/NETMARK technologies as a platform, JumpStart Solutions has developed the PanOptica product suite, which provides users with a comprehensive set of Web-based tools for project and portfolio management,” said Jim Goulka, chief executive officer of JumpStart Solutions. The company plans to integrate the NASA software into its PanOptica product suite. “PanOptica enables users at disparate locations to work collaboratively, using the latest Web-based communications technologies,” Goulka explained.

JumpStart Solutions has indicated that it plans to integrate other technologies with PMT/NETMARK to provide project portfolio management and knowledge document management capabilities for its industry, university and other customers.

“We recently granted a non-exclusive patent and copyright license to an Arizona company to develop new software based on the Program Management Tool/NETMARK technology developed at NASA Ames,” said Martha Del Alto, technology partnership manager at NASA Ames. “This agreement represents a continuation of NASA’s commitment to transfer technology to the commercial marketplace,” she added.

JumpStart Solutions LLC is a technology company that licenses and commercializes select, well-developed technologies sourced from federal government and university research centers.

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