Kennedy Space Center Director Jim Kennedy stated the following for
public release regarding NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe’s

“Sean O’Keefe’s tenure as our administrator is defined by brilliant
leadership and bold action and NASA is a better agency now than prior
to his arrival. He courageously led us through both the Columbia
tragedy and the investigation that followed. Sean’s leadership
transformed our structure and culture, paving the way for our Space
Shuttle’s successful return to flight in 2005. But without a doubt,
his greatest legacy is America’s new Vision for Space Exploration.
Working with the President, his administration and Congress, it’s now
the official space policy of the United States that will take NASA
back to the Moon, then to Mars and beyond. It was evident from the
very beginning he cares about the NASA and contractor family and it
inspired us all to achieve greatness. The entire KSC family wishes
Sean, Laura and their family the very best in their future!”