Venture with NASA to discover the future of flight, understand the portrait of planet Earth, and take the next steps in exploration at SciFest, the virtual STEM expo from the USA Science and Engineering Festival. The free event, which runs from Saturday, Sept. 26, through Saturday, Oct. 3, will feature NASA researchers, scientists, engineers, and technicians discussing various topics related to science, technology, engineering and math.

A virtual greeting from Thomas Zurbuchen, associate for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, invites the Artemis Generation to enter and explore the NASA Hall, where visitors can download games and activities and ask NASA what it takes to join its mission to make new discoveries in aeronautics, science, and space.

With the Artemis program, NASA is working toward landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon in 2024, and establishing sustainable exploration by the end of the decade. While exploring the Moon with more robots and humans than ever before, we will test the technologies and capabilities we need to send the first astronauts to Mars. NASA aims to inspire, educate and engage the next generation of explorers on that journey.

Visit the SciFest STEM Stage to find out why NASA is going to the Moon and hear from NASA chief scientist Jim Green on what lies hidden in the Moon’s craters. Learn about human health and space medicine from NASA astronaut Michael Barratt, and discover how to grow veggies in space. Look closer at Earth with the Landsat 9 satellite, and peer inside NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to see the furthest reaches of the universe. Find out why electric is the shape of things to come in aeronautics. Learn about the history of NASA and the civil rights movement, and discover the faces of technology today.

College students can visit the NASA booth inside the SciFest College Career Center to learn more about internship opportunities. NASA STEM content and activities will be available in a virtual student backpack and teacher resource area during the event. NASA invites the Artemis Generation to see themselves among the science stars!

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