NASA is bringing together top leaders in the aerospace community to discuss the future of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. The Integrated Space Operations Summit (ISOS) is March 29 to 31 in Nashville, Tenn.

Media are invited to attend. To attend media should contact Melissa Mathews (202/358-1272) by 4 p.m. EST, March 16.

As a result of the Vision for Space Exploration, NASA has transformed its existing Space Shuttle Service Life Extension Program summit to address the new exploration goals. The third gathering of its kind, this year’s meeting has been renamed the Integrated Space Operations Summit to reflect its new, broader mission.

The summit’s aim is to ensure existing human spaceflight programs, including the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, remain focused on meeting NASA’s exploration goals, and to begin planning for efficient transition of existing space operations resources toward future exploration needs.

The summit draws involvement from NASA, industry, academia, and others with a stake in space operations. Panels have been working for months on specific issues. They will use the summit to discuss findings and make recommendations to NASA leadership.

Returning the Space Shuttle to flight and completing the International Space Station are the first steps in the Vision for Space Exploration, a stepping-stone strategy toward exploration. Using the Station to study human endurance in space and to test new technologies and techniques, NASA will prepare for the longer journeys to the moon, Mars and beyond.

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