NASA has modified the Cargo Mission Contract. The agency added
$62.5 million to include unpressurized payload bay cargo carriers on
three future Space Shuttle missions, two of which also include a
pressurized Spacehab module.

The unpressurized Integrated Cargo Carriers have been added to Shuttle
missions STS-121, STS-116 and STS-118. STS-116 and STS-118 also added
pressurized Spacehab Logistics Single Modules. This is additional work
within the scope of the existing Cargo Mission Contract. That contract
was awarded Nov. 5, 2003. Lockheed-Martin Space Operations and its
subcontractors, Teledyne Brown Engineering and Spacehab, Inc, hold the

The contract calls for services for the Space Shuttle and
International Space Station. Services include mission planning; cargo
coordination; stowage integration; analytical integration; physical
processing; decals, placards and graphics; on-orbit operations;
sustaining engineering and management; integration of commercial cargo
carriers and services.

The modification adds $62.5 million to the completion form, cost plus
award fee contract. The result is a new estimated total cost and award
fee of the contract of approximately $164 million. Work in support of
this modification will be performed at, and in vicinity of, NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, Houston, and Kennedy Space Center, Fla. For
information about NASA and agency programs on the Internet, visit: