In recognition of Lewis Field’s recently established historic district, NASA’s Glenn Research Center hosted an Historic District Marker Dedication Ceremony Oct. 5.

Lewis Field’s designation as an historic district celebrates NASA Glenn’s tremendous past accomplishments in aircraft propulsion, space flight propulsion, aircraft and space flight safety and aerospace materials research.

The event featured remarks from Glenn’s senior leaders, a video presentation on the center’s history and a dedication of the newly placed historic district markers.

“The historic district honors the dedication of past leaders such as George Lewis and Abe Silverstein and acknowledges the accomplishments of the many scientists, engineers, technicians and staff that made these advances possible,” said Janet Watkins, NASA Glenn associate director.

Lewis Field originally opened in 1941 as part of the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics and has a long history of innovation and success. The historic district is currently eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

“Let’s continue to build on the great accomplishments of the past 75 years,” said Thomas Hartline, NASA Glenn director of engineering. “May we be inspired by our past accomplishments and continue to support NASA’s and the nation’s goals in space exploration and innovations in aircraft propulsion and safety.”

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