A Day of Remembrance observance honoring those members of the
NASA Family who lost their lives while furthering the cause of
exploration and discovery will take place Jan. 27 at 2 p.m. from
NASA Headquarters in Washington. It will be broadcast live on
NASA TV and webcast on http://www.nasa.gov. Administrator Sean
O’Keefe encourages every member of the NASA Family to view this
solemn event.

The Day of Remembrance program will feature remarks by the
Expedition 10 crew onboard the International Space Station,
Administrator O’Keefe, Deputy Administrator Gregory and T.K.
Mattingly, the command module pilot on Apollo 16 in 1972 and
commander of the STS-4 Columbia mission in 1982 and STS-51C
Discovery mission in 1985.

Please join us for this special observance on Thursday, Jan. 27.
NASA Headquarters employees are invited to attend the event in
the auditorium or to watch it live on NASA TV (NASA HQ Channel 3)
and http://www.nasa.gov