Brainloop Inc., a provider of industry leading SaaS technology for the secure collaboration and exchange of confidential documents, today announced it has been selected by Fluid & Reason, LLC’s Team MILES, to protect its highly sensitive, mission-critical data while ensuring compliance with the federal International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The partnership stems from Team MILES’ participation in the NASA Cube Quest Challenge.

The NASA Cube Quest Challenge offers a total of $5 million to teams that meet the objectives of designing, building and delivering small, flight-qualified satellites capable of advanced operations near and beyond the moon, which Team MILES will strive to achieve via its revolutionary new propulsion system, the ConstantQTM. Team MILES will be using the award-winning, ITAR-compliant Brainloop Secure Dataroom to securely store and share technical data received from NASA throughout the challenge.

“When handling sensitive information, such as intellectual property relating to advancements in NASA’s spacecraft capabilities, it’s extremely important to implement leading edge security protocols and technology,” explained William O’Brien, COO of Brainloop Inc. “For this reason, Brainloop is honored to be selected by Team MILES as its trusted, ITAR-compliant cloud security partner during the NASA Cube Quest Challenge, aligning with our company’s mission to deliver best in market, secure technology within the aerospace and defense industry.”

Under ITAR, the U.S. government requires all parties handling defense articles, services and technical data to follow compliance guidelines to protect this confidential information from unlicensed disclosure and exports. Brainloop’s Secure Dataroom is the first, and to date only, full-function public cloud solution available for the secure storage of ITAR-defined technical data.

“When selecting the best technology to secure our sensitive data during the Cube Quest Challenge, we wanted a proven player who could achieve end-to-end ITAR compliance and keep up our collaboration pace, so the clear choice was Brainloop,” said Frank Fomby, project driver at Team MILES. “We’re looking forward to continuing on in the competition, with peace-of-mind in knowing that our technical data adheres to ITAR regulations and is fully secured.”

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