NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland has awarded a startup license to FABAEARTH, a California-based startup, for radio frequency and advanced communications technologies.

This license includes technologies from Glenn as well as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Goddard Space Flight Center. FABAEARTH has also been granted a license from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, which includes technologies patented by NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, Langley Research Center, Marshall and JPL. This is the first time NASA has granted a license incorporating technologies developed at multiple centers.

With the licensed technology, FABAEARTH will provide both national and regional wireless infrastructure.  The company is designing a network of unmanned, high-altitude aircraft that will enable the wide-area transmission of telecommunications services at a very low cost.

FABAEARTH will own and operate the equipment and plans to contract communications services directly with providers.

“NASA’s Technology Transfer Program ensures that technologies developed for exploration and discovery missions are made broadly available to the public,” said Harvey Schabes, chief of Glenn’s Technology Transfer Office. “The team does a phenomenal job working side-by-side with small business to ensure an appropriate fit of the technology and type of license.”

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to check out Startup NASA to learn how to license NASA’s technologies and follow the program on Twitter, @NASAsolutions, for current stories and information.