NASA’s Glenn Research Center recently awarded a nonexclusive Startup NASA license to Petra Power LLC of Casper, Wyoming to commercialize a group of solid oxide fuel cells, an energy conversion device that produces electricity by oxidizing fuel.

Petra Power plans to use this licensed technology to manufacture auxiliary power units for the commercial truck, refrigerated cargo container and emergency power distribution industries. This technology will enable Petra Power to reduce the costs and environmental impact of their power systems within these markets.

Petra Power worked with Glenn’s technology transfer team to secure a Startup NASA license.

“Glenn’s technology transfer team does a phenomenal job working side-by-side with small business to ensure an appropriate fit of the technology and type of license,” said Harvey Schabes, chief of Glenn’s Technology Transfer Office. “The Startup NASA initiative affords small businesses the perfect opportunity to commercialize a NASA technology with no up-front costs.”

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to check out Startup NASA to learn how to license NASA technologies.

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