NASA has awarded a contract with a potential value of
$145.1 million for support of International Space Station
mission integration services to Barrios Technology, Inc. of

The International Space Station Mission Integration Contract
is among contracts being awarded as part of a restructuring of
Station contracts seeking to consolidate work, increase
efficiency, increase accountability, and transition the
program’s contract strategy from development and construction
of hardware to orbital operations.

Work under the contract will provide products and services
that support mission planning, mission integration, mission
operations, international partner integration, and Russian
language and logistics services.

The basic period of the cost-plus-award-fee contract is four
years and nine months, with an estimated value of $99.9
million. Two one-year extension options to the basic period
are available and would bring the total contract value to
$145.1 million.

Tech Trans International, Inc., of Houston will be a major
subcontractor. Work on the contract will be performed at
NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, NASA’s Kennedy Space
Center in Florida and its immediate surrounding areas, and
other locations inside and outside the United States.

More information about the Space Station contract strategy,
including a complete background and history, is available on
the Internet at: