NASA has awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin Space
Operations Co., in Houston, to support space flight programs
by providing mission operations and ground planning systems.
Major customers include the Space Shuttle and International
Space Station Programs.

The Mission Support Operations Contract (MSOC) includes
support for NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) Space
Operations Mission and Data Services. The Mission Control
Center, Integrated Planning System and the Houston Support
Room/Backup Command and Control Center in Russia carry out
these functions.

MSOC will provide ground system services for JSC’s Emergency
Operations Center and the Electronic System Test Laboratory,
which includes space communications integration.

The cost-plus-award-fee contract, with an estimated maximum
value of $243.5 million, begins Oct. 1, 2003 with a three-
month transition period. It also includes an initial nine-
month basic contract period valued at $64.9 million. The MSOC
establishes two mutually exclusive option scenarios. NASA
will decide by September 2004 whether to exercise one of the
option scenarios, and if so, which one.

The first scenario consists of two three-month options
referred to as Option One, worth $20.1 million and Option
Two, worth $19.6 million. The second scenario includes a
single, two-year option referred to as Option Three that’s
valued at $178.5 million.