NASA has selected Science Systems and Applications, Inc., Lanham, Md., for the Laboratory for Atmospheres Scientific and Technical Support Services contract.

The award is a five-year cost-plus award fee, indefinite delivery- indefinite quantity contract with a maximum value of $45 million. The work will be performed at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., and at the contractor’s facility in Lanham.

The work includes scientific and technical support to three branches in the Laboratory for Atmospheres. The work involves using observations from NASA satellites to derive such important scientific and weather parameters as global rainfall distribution and the year-to-year trends of atmospheric ozone levels.

Also included in the contract is instrument development, such as state-of- the art lasers that accurately determine the vertical profiles of aerosols, clouds and water vapor in the atmosphere. Other scientific support includes numerical modeling of hurricane and cloud systems, the transport of trace gases and modeling to determine the role of aerosols and clouds on climate.

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