A five-year contract to support engineering and science at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston, has been awarded to Sverdrup
Technology Inc., doing business as Jacobs Sverdrup. The contract has a
total potential value of $1.15 billion.

Work under the contract will be performed at JSC, at facilities
belonging to the prime contractor and major subcontractors. Services
under the contract will be provided to JSC’s Engineering Directorate
and Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science office.

The services include: engineering products and services for the
International Space Station, Space Shuttle and other spacecraft flight
programs; design, development, certification and production of
hardware and software for NASA programs; operation and maintenance of
on-site laboratories and facilities; curation of astromaterials
collections; research of planetary materials for planetary missions,
the Shuttle and Space Station programs; research and development for
new technology; and technology transfer and institutional support

The engineering science contract is a hybrid cost-plus-award-fee/firm-
fixed-price contract. It includes a baseline effort; indefinite-
delivery, indefinite-quantity effort; and a level-of-effort
requirement. This hybrid contract has a total award value of $6
million, with a potential value of $1.15 billion over its five-year
period, without options.

The baseline effort has a total value of $310 million. The indefinite
delivery, indefinite quantity effort has an award value of $79 million
with a not-to-exceed value of $600 million. Cost plus award fee and
firm fixed price delivery orders will be issued under the indefinite-
delivery, indefinite-quantity provision.

The level of effort has an award value of $220 million with a total
potential value of $236 million based upon flex options. In addition,
a 45-day phase-in period with a total firm fixed price value of
$750,000 is included.

The prime contractor, Jacobs Sverdrup, will manage the effort from
Houston. Major subcontractors include ERC, Inc. of Huntsville, Ala.;
Barrios Technology, Ltd.; GeoControl Systems; Hamilton Sundstrand
Management Services Inc. and Muniz Engineering Inc. all of Houston.

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