NASA awarded a task order to Electronic Data Systems (EDS Corp.), Fairfax, Va., for the implementation and maintenance of an electronic travel (eTravel) system, part of NASA’s electronic government (eGov) efforts. The system will be available to all NASA employees by Sept. 2006. The task order to EDS has a maximum value of $20 million over 8.5 years.

“NASA is committed to the President’s Management Agenda goals for electronic government,” said NASA’s Chief Information Officer, Patricia Dunnington. “The selection of an eTravel vendor is a milestone toward achieving NASA’s eGov goals and ‘staying green’ on NASA’s eGov scorecard. We look forward to EDS providing improved services that will support the travel requirements necessary to achieve mission success,” she said.

eTravel is an integrated application. It handles online travel booking, authorizations and vouchers. It is one of the original 24 electronic government initiatives outlined by President Bush to improve the internal efficiency and effectiveness of the federal government.

“This new fully integrated travel system will provide all NASA employees a more productive tool for managing their travel needs, and it will further enhance NASA’s overall business practices,” said Bobby German, Program Director for NASA’s Integrated Financial Management Program. He is responsible for the implementation of eTravel at NASA.

eTravel is a collaborative, interagency program. Its purpose is to realize the cost savings and increased service associated with a common, automated, and integrated approach to managing the federal government’s travel function.

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