NASA has awarded a contract to Greenland Enterprises Inc. of Hampton, Virginia, for upgrades to the compressor station at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton.

The firm-fixed-price contract allows for the replacement of an existing compressor and related ancillary systems with a new compressor and related systems. The compressor station at Langley supports aerodynamic research in 22 wind tunnels on the 764-acre NASA center. 

The overall scope includes demolition work as well as procuring and installing a new 6,000-pound-per-square-inch, high-pressure-air, negative-80-degree-Fahrenheit-dewpoint compressor system. The contract also provides for integrating the new compressor system in Langley’s compressor station plant-wide control system. 

The contract was awarded Oct. 25 and has a value of approximately $10.8 million over a two-year period of performance.

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