NASA’s Glenn Research Center has awarded a commercial license to Intellihot Inc. of Galesburg, Illinois. The license transfers Glenn’s combustion expertise to the general public by supporting the U.S. manufacturer’s advanced tankless hot water systems.

Intellihot will redesign and incorporate NASA’s Fully Premixed Low Emission, High Pressure Multi-fuel Burner into its entire product line of compact tankless water heaters.

An improved premixed low-emissions burner based on this NASA technology will enable the Intellihot product line to be more fuel efficient and cleaner burning, while operating with a wide range of fuels. Intellihot’s tankless water heaters, equipped with Wi-Fi and artificial intelligence, can be scaled easily for large applications such as hospitals and hotels.

Glenn uses burner technology to simultaneously measure combustion product concentrations and temperature in its High Pressure Gaseous Burner Facility, a laboratory that develops and evaluates advanced engines for future aircraft. The aerospace technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves safety by eliminating flame flashback. Other commercial applications include chemical processing, process gas heaters and fuel cell processing.

“Technology developed for space and Mars can now be applied to solve everyday problems on Earth and Intellihot is looking to fully deploy this and other great technologies developed by the brilliant minds at NASA,” says Sridhar Deivasigamani, CEO of Intellihot.

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