NASA has awarded approximately $47.4 million in grants to
researchers from 23 states conducting interdisciplinary
scientific investigations. The research is expected to expand
understanding of a variety of aspects of Earth system science.

Sponsored by NASA’s Earth Science Enterprise Earth Observing
System Interdisciplinary Science Program (EOS/IDS), the
research will use the vast wealth of new data from Earth
Observing Satellites. The topics span a range of innovative
interdisciplinary research, with a focus in emerging
scientific areas identified in the Strategic Plan of the U.S.
Climate Change Science Program.

Broad thematic topics of the research projects include global
ecosystems, climate trends and variation, consequences of
climate and sea level changes. The researchers will examine
effects of increased human activities on coastal regions as
well. NASA also aims to expand knowledge of the carbon cycle
on Earth through the use of new classes of models.

NASA received 348 proposals in response to the EOS/IDS
research announcement. The proposals were peer-reviewed by
scientific experts from academia and government. A list of the
awardees, their institutions and research titles is available
on the Internet at:

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