NASA has selected 15 researchers to receive grants
totaling more than $6.4 million over four years, to conduct
space fundamental physics research. This research is expected
to expand our understanding of space, time and matter.

Sponsored by NASA’s Office of Biological and Physical
Research, the research offers investigators the advantage of a
low-gravity and space environment to enhance understanding of
physical and chemical processes associated with fundamental

Researchers will be able to use NASA’s microgravity research
facilities such as drop-tubes, drop-towers, aircraft and
sounding rockets. All 15 grants are for ground-based research.
Four are to continue work currently being funded by NASA,
while the remaining 11 represent new research efforts.

NASA received 29 proposals in response to this research
announcement. The proposals were peer-reviewed by scientific
and technical experts from academia and government. A list of
awardees (by state), their institutions and research titles is
available the Internet at:

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