NASA and the United States Air Force have formed an aeronautics research partnership. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne signed a Memorandum of Understanding Monday at a Pentagon ceremony. The agreement builds upon and expands on the longstanding relationship between the two organizations.

“Although NASA and the Air Force have differing missions, there are common aeronautics research goals that dictate we maintain a close partnership,” Griffin said. “Besides the obvious benefits, it’s in the nation’s best interest for us to work together.”

“This is a great day for aerospace,” Wynne added. “It’s a renewal of an already strong partnership and codifies what we’ve been doing all along.”

The agreement is designed to ensure the free exchange of research information, reduce duplication of research, and enhance long-term research planning for both organizations. It covers areas such as advanced aircraft design, propulsion development, materials development and aviation safety.

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