NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will make his first official visit to the agency’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, on Tuesday, Aug. 28, to meet with employees, tour the facility, and participate in a media availability at the Mojave Air and Space Port.
Bridenstine will begin the day with a tour of Armstrong facilities, visiting the X-57 and X-59 simulators, as well as facilities where systems integration was completed for the Orion crew module that successfully performed its flight test in 2010. The center’s facilities could also possibly be used for entry, descent and landing in support of NASA’s efforts to return astronauts to the Moon and on to Mars.
A media availability will be held at 4 p.m. PDT in the Scaled Composites hangar at the Mojave Air and Space Port, where Bridenstine will talk about X-planes, aerospace in the Antelope Valley, NASA’s future in space and the commercialization of space. Media interested in attending this event must contact Leslie Williams at 661-276-3893 or no later than 3 p.m. Monday, Aug. 27.
Armstrong is the agency’s lead center for atmospheric flight research, operations and testing, and continues to accelerate advances in science, technology and exploration. Learn more about the center at: